The Melrose Place Recaps: Seasons 3, 4, and 5

Season 5

Episode 32: Who's Afraid of Amanda Woodward? (5/19/97) Season Finale!
Amanda gets stressed; Alison decides for Jake; Samantha drives to a wedding.
Episode 31: Secrets and Lies and More Lies (5/12/97)
Sydney resents Amanda's cheek; Peter trusts Michael; Jake does the family thing.
Episode 30: Going Places (5/5/97)
Evil Dad makes life miserable; Kyle plays ring toss with Amanda; Taylor slams.
Episode 29: Ultimatums & The Single Guy (4/28/97)
Michael seizes upon a seizure; the couples dine on divorce; Craig samples pixie dust.
Episode 28: All Beth's Are Off (4/21/97)
Jennifer slaps her past; Jake turns a blind eye; Peter gets even more Bizarre.
Episode 27: Deja Vu All Over Again (4/14/97)
Michael gets a sisterly visit; Lip Lass strikes a pose; Alison guzzles.
Episode 26: The Dead Wives Club (4/7/97)
Megan is touched by an angel; Peter remakes Taylor; Sydney tumbles for love.
Episode 25: Last Exit to Ohio (3/31/97)
Sam's dad has a secret; Kimberly's brain fizzles; Amanda notices Kyle's bowling ball.
Episode 24: From Here to Maternity (3/17/97)
Amanda takes her vows; Michael hires a new receptionist; Alison gets out of bed.
Episode 23: 101 Damnations (3/10/97)
Matt's niece is smokin'; Alison sees all; a customer falls for Sydney.
Episode 22: Screams From a Marriage (3/3/97)
Lip Lass wins and loses; Megan gets set up; Matt Fielding, Father Figure.
Episode 21: Frames 'R' Us (2/24/97)
Half the cast gets the day off; Taylor and Peter talk dirty; Michael meets his wife's pimp.
Episode 20: Men Are From Melrose (2/17/97)
Kim wants her love medicine; Peter and Lip Lass putt; Carter washes vegetables.
Episode 19: Catch Her in the Lie (2/10/97)
Nick keeps an eye on Taylor; Jake visits his past; Megan has car troubles.
Episode 18: Great Sexpectations (2/3/97)
Amanda toys with Craig; Sydney waves a wand; Peter gets some lip.
Episode 17: Better Homes and Condos (1/27/97)
Peter's at the marina; Kyle wrestles an old friend; Michael has a hellish experience.
Episode 16: The Eyes of the Storm (1/20/97)
Alison brings Jake to his knees; Syd frets over bills; Michael flips.
Episode 15: Escape From L.A. (1/13/97)
It's time for some goodbyes; Amanda learns Craig's secret; Matt strikes back.
Episode 14: The Accidental Doctor (1/6/97)
Matt doesn't knuckle under; Jane's mom gets a bar exam; Peter thaws out.
Episode 13: Crazy Love (12/16/96)
Craig joins the animal kingdom; Lip Lass and Peter face off; Sydney bids high.
Episode 12: Quest for Mother (12/9/96)
Jane meets Donna Mills; Peter gets handicapped; Kim seeks insurance.
Episode 11: Sole Sister (12/2/96)
Amanda schemes; Sydney has a bad week; Craig gives Sam lofty ideas.
Episode 10: Nice Work If You Can Get It (11/25/96)
Cook Boy simmers; Jane adopts a new attitude on life; Billy likes the pretty colors.
Episode 9: Farewell Mike's Concubine (11/18/96)
Peter is moody; Michael reads from the Black Book; Craig gets some will power.
Episode 8: Mission Interpersonal (11/11/96)
Kimberly's brain hurts; Jane lets it all out; Taylor runs rings around Peter.
Episode 7: Young Doctors in Lust (11/11/96)
Michael investigates Megan; Matt seeks tough love; Syd blindly dates.
Episode 6: Jane's Addiction (11/4/96)
Jane obsesses; Peter's passions are dampened; Michael burns calories.
Episode 5: Un-Janed Melody (10/28/96)
Jane tries to get a leg up on Billy; Syd samples Kyle; Kimberly backs up.
Episode 4: Hunka Hunka Burning Love (9/30/96)
Peter's house is not his home; Billy kicks a door; Jane fumes.
Episode 3: Moving Violations (9/23/96)
Taylor tells fibs; Fashion Boy gets take-out; Billy grabs the wrong napkin.
Episode 2: Over Dick's Dead Body (9/17/96)
Alison moves (in more ways than one); Syd and Jane deal with grave consequences.
Episode 1: Living with Disaster (9/9/96)
Richard claws his way to the top; The Bizarre One's secret origin; Billy hates short skirts.

Season 4

Episode 32: Dead Sisters Walking (5/20/96)
There's a Bizarre wedding; Bosnia beckons to Jo; Sydney digs deep for Jane.
Episode 31: Full Metal Betsy (5/15/96)
Syd is blackmailed(!); Betsy turns the screws (and drill) on Peter; Jake mopes.
Episode 30: Peter's Excellent Adventure (5/6/96)
Peter lands in the Cuckoo's Nest; Jane plots "Death Wish VIII"; Matt gets needled.
Episode 29: Melrose Unglued (4/29/96)
Jake worries about Jane; Peter gets off the hook (briefly); the Fall comes early for Bobby.
Episode 28: True Fibs (4/15/96)
Peter claims to have integrity; Jo has baby guilt; Michael gets hammered.
Episode 27: What Comes Up, Must Come Down (4/1/96)
Amanda reclaims her Top Dog status; Peter and Michael find trouble; Bobby gets a tattoo.
Episode 26: Triumph of the Bill (3/18/96)
Billy scams Julie Newmar; Kim splits again; Jo bemoans her bad karma.
Episode 25: The Burning Sofa (3/11/96)
Peter gains his freedom; Syd bails out Bobby; "Betsy" plays with knives.
Episode 24: Ruthless People (3/4/96)
Billy gets in the mud; Alycia tightens the screws; Kimberly/Betsy does housework.
Episode 23: Run Billy Run (2/26/96)
Amanda feels betrayed; Billy entertains the competition; Richard gets soaked.
Episode 22: The Circle of Strife (2/19/96)
Billy gets bold; Syd makes a power play; Michael and Kimberly tie the noose ... err, knot.
Episode 21: Devil in a Wet Dress (2/12/96)
Billy is spooked; Richard gets nasty; Matt interrupts a rehearsal.
Episode 20: No Lifeguard on Duty (2-hour episode) (2/5/96)
Michael tackles his bad karma; Amanda dodges a bullet; Brooke takes a dive.
Episode 19: The Bobby Trap (1/22/96)
Kimberly tells the truth; Jane and Jake go for a swim; Peter turns on the charm.
Episode 18: Sydney, Bothered, and Bewildered (1/15/96)
Sydney pushes Jane around; Amanda and Peter split; Michael sleeps in a haunted bed.
Episode 17: The Brooke Stops Here (1/8/96)
Billy feels guilty; Sydney knows she's guilty; "Fortress Amanda" crumbles.
Episode 16: Holy Strokes (1/1/96)
Jane is numb, but Billy isn't; Peter gets physical; Brooke takes a sharp cut.
Episode 15: Oy to the World (12/11/95)
Syd spikes the Xmas punch; Brooke won't need baby clothes; Bobby gets sympathy.
Episode 14: Two Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (12/4/95)
Alison weakens; Sydney goes into therapy; Matt meets an actor.
Episode 13: Hook, Line, and Hayley (11/27/95)
Bobby awakens memories; Kimberly and Vic bond; Hayley goes for a swim.
Episode 12: Kimberly Does L.A. (11/20/95)
Kimberly takes to the air; Jake nabs Shelly; Alison goes on a late-night trip.
Episode 11: Free Kimmy (11/13/95)
Jane tempts Michael; Matt uses Jake's computer; more Parezis enter the plot.
Episode 10: El Syd (11/6/95)
Syd serves extortion and sushi; Jo and Richard get slinky; Alison makes her choice.
Episode 9: Amanda Unplugged (10/30/95)
Amanda thinks bad thoughts; Alison finds a secret room; Jake and Shelly clear off the desk.
Episode 8: Dial "M" for Melrose (10/23/95)
Alison changes addresses; Amanda practices her golf swing; Jack practices diving.
Episode 7: Let the Games Begin (10/16/95)
Kimberly sees phantoms; Matt has a heart-to-heart; Jo is threatened by hair color.
Episode 6: The Jane Mutiny (10/9/95)
Jo disengages Jane; Michael and Syd scheme against Kim; Brooke hates Alison's flowers.
Episode 5: Drawing Henry (10/2/95)
Matt takes the offensive; Kim's inner demons are revealed; Amanda can't avoid her past.
Episode 4: Simply Shocking (9/25/95)
Brooke goes to Miami; Jane promotes herself; Michael has a scary dream.
Episode 3: Blind Ambition (the 100th Episode) (9/20/95)
Matt and Paul square off; Kimberly wigs out; Jake gets a surprise visitor.
Episode 2: Melrose is Like a Box of Chocolates (9/18/95)
Peter bizarrely helps Kimberly; the residents double-up; Brooke takes Alison to the bathroom.
Episode 1: Post-Mortem Madness (9/11/95)
OK, let's do the body count; Jane and Amanda switch personalities; Alison lacks vision.

Season 3

Episode 30: The Big Bang Theory (5/22/95)
Billy gets married; Matt gets framed; Jake gets Jess; Kimberly gets explosive!
Episode 29: Framing of the Shrews (5/15/95)
Kimberly sets up Michael; Matt is stuck in another bad plot; Jess applies for sainthood.
Episode 28: Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang (5/8/95)
Alison gets a job offer; Syd orders the secret taco; Jake catches a bullet.
Episode 27: A Hose by Any Other Name (5/1/95)
Kim does some arm-twisting; Syd pays Michael for sex; Amanda reclaims the throne.
Episode 26: Melrose Impossible (4/10/95)
Alison watches the cookie crumble; Kimberly goes to camp; Jo goes to the wall for Jess.
Episode 25: All About Brooke (4/3/95)
Amanda plots her comeback; Jess charges ahead; extortion pays twice for Syd.
Episode 24: To Live and Die in Malibu (3/20/95)
Brooke gives Billy a Thighmaster; power corrupts Alison; Kimberly hurls a WonderBra.
Episode 23: Love and Death 101 (3/13/95)
Amanda takes a turn for the worse; Jake hashes it out with Jess; Alison takes charge.
Episode 22: And The Winner Is... (2/27/95)
Jake fights off women, while Michael juggles them; Amanda gets a surprise at the awards.
Episode 21: Breakfast at Tiffany's/Dinner at Eight (2/20/95)
Michael worms his way into the Big Apple; Syd volunteers for slavery; Psycho Cop goes nuts.
Episode 20: St. Valentine's Day Massacre (2/13/95)
Michael is too nice to Amanda; Jo gets Psycho Cop on film; Sydney's got a gun!
Episode 19: Boxing Sydney (2/6/95)
It's Tea Time for Syd; Psycho Cop "helps" Matt; Amanda tells Billy about her condition.
Episode 18: Another Perfect Day in Hell (1/23/95)
Traci Lords takes it off; Michael checks out Amanda; Alison's sister lusts after Billy.
Episode 17: They Shoot Mothers, Don't They? (1/16/95)
Jo and Jake go Austin-hunting; Terry surprises Alison; The Bizarre One turns lethal.
Episode 16: Bye Bye Baby (1/2/95)
Jo gets a nanny for her secret baby; Caitlin compares IQs with Billy; Alison checks out.
Episode 15: Holiday on Ice (12/19/94)
It's Amanda's Christmas Carol; Terry scowls at Billy; Peter gives Michael bad baby news.
Episode 14: Sex, Drugs, and Rocking the Cradle (12/12/94)
Susan tosses literary references at Billy; Alison goes on a binge; Jane sends Kimberly flowers.
Episode 13: Just Say No (12/5/94)
No real recap for this one (yet!), but a few comments on the goofy baby plot.
Episode 12: The Doctor Who Rocks The Cradle (11/28/94)
Billy and Alison slur; The Accent makes his move; Jo is a two-minute mom.

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