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Here are the collected MP recaps, from the start of Season 7 to their beginning in the fall of '94. Enjoy them! Of course, if anyone other than me ever tries to make money off this, I will hunt them down like the suture-headed mutant they are! Yay!

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Season 7

Episode 3: Dr. Jealousy (9/28/98)
Amanda burns; Lexi strips any pretense; Michael hides behind a plant.
Episode 2: Where the Hookers Grow (9/21/98)
Peter bleeds for Amanda; Lexi uses some couch therapy; Megan returns to the partridge nest.

Season 6

"Hiatus Episodes": no recaps available here -- see Melrose Space

Episode 26: The Nasty-Minded Professor (3/30/98) Pseudo Season Finale!
Megan deals with the fruity doctor; Kyle outfoxes himself; Peter promises to kiss Michael.
Episode 25: M.P. Confidential (3/30/98) Pseudo Season Finale!
Samantha says she's not confused; Peter is stressed; somebody will be a daddy.
Episode 24: Four Affairs and a Pregnancy (3/16/98)
Taylor gets giddy; Amanda horses around; Billy doesn't want to act.
Episode 23: Too Romantic for Words (3/9/98)
Lexi simmers and cooks; Michael jogs Megan's decision; Amanda announces a "no dogs" policy.
Episode 22: A Christine Runs Through It (3/2/98)
The honeymoon gets off track; Nick compliments Taylor's neck; Peter caffeinates Lexi.
Episode 21: Blunt Drama (2/23/98)
Billy competes with a broom; Kyle and Amanda go to the altar; Taylor's plan trips up.
Episode 20: A Swing and a Mrs. (2/16/98)
Coop gets a post-mortem offer; Jennifer inspires Billy; Samantha tries out the new car.
Episode 19: Last Train to Baghdad (2/9/98)
Jennifer gives bad advice; Michael becomes a "humanitarian"; Amanda's wedding derails.
Episode 18: Mama Mia (2/2/98)
Michael's mom makes a painful visit; Sam likes Jeff's big swing; Kyle confronts his past.
Episode 17: Coop de Grace (1/26/98)
Lexi's dad disses Peter; Coop makes wise use of champagne; Craig goes loopy.
Episode 16: Kyle of the Desert (1/19/98)
Peter and Lexi fake it; Kyle has sandy flashbacks; Michael shows off his stripper.
Episode 15: Amanda's Back (1/12/98)
Kyle emotes to Amanda; Peter seems conflicted; Michael recruits a new nurse.
Episode 14: To Kill A Whirlybird (1/5/98)
Coop is the anti-Cyrano; Lexi takes in a stray; Sam finally kisses a woman.
Episode 13: A Tree Talks in Melrose (12/22/97)
Taylor gets the sack; Billy is mistletoed; Michael screams at a talking tree.
Episode 12: A Bump in the Night (12/15/97)
Peter helps the homeless; Megan and Coop share takeout; Michael and Jennifer watch videos.
Episode 11: Everybody Comes to Kyle's (12/1/97)
Connie is making the copies; Kyle "thanks" Amanda; Peter and Lexi hit a bump.
Episode 10: My Little Coma Girl (11/24/97)
Billy's mom gets Sam's goat; Coop holds hands; Kyle bloodies the Iguana.
Episode 9: Attack of the Scalpel Woman (11/17/97)
Amanda considers Eric's offer; Lexi pops pills; Sam's maid of (dis)honor arrives.
Episode 8: A Shot in the Dark (11/10/97)
Jennifer shoulders the burden; Billy pinches pennies; Michael gets spooked.
Episode 7: Secrets and Wives (11/3/97)
Michael sparks the glove; Eric wastes good champagne; Peter declares his feelings.
Episode 6: The Light at the End of the Tumble (10/27/97)
Billy and Samantha practice nepotism; Lip Lass has a lucky fall; Eric gets flowery.
Episode 5: Desparately Seeking Samantha (10/20/97)
Craig casts a white shadow; Amanda gets direct with Eric; Megan has had enough lip.
Episode 4: The Doctor Is In ... Deep (9/29/97)
Peter meets the shrew; Craig gets crushed; Michael shares his manly essence.
Episode 3: No Time for Sperm Bank (9/22/97)
Lip Lass seeks frozen love; Samantha blabs; Michael speaks the truth!
Episode 2: The Trojan Stork (9/15/97)
Taylor seizes a pregnant opportunity; Michael microwaves his guilt.
Episode 1: A Brand New Day (9/8/97)
Craig mourns his loss; it's another Bizarre wedding day; Matt gets a job.
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