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 Welcome to the roost! The third season of Forever Knight is now available on DVD!
And be sure to also get Siege Perilous, the latest novel co-authored by Forever Knight's Nigel Bennett. 

Unkindness: n., a group of ravens. (Really!)
Raven (ray-ven): n., 1) a large, glossy black bird; 2) an intelligent, discriminating, and extremely well-dressed fan of Forever Knight. (fem.: Ravenette)
Raven (rv-en): v., 1) to feed greedily; 2) to prowl for food (adj., ravenous).

Forever Knight Forever Knight was a terrific TV series focusing on Nick Knight (Geraint Wyn Davies), an 800-year-old vampire who, for some wacky reason, is trying to regain his mortality. We wish the big lug well, and he's still invited to all our parties, no matter what happens.

Nick and Janette at The Raven: Click for larger versionThis site takes its name from The Raven, the gothic night club in Toronto founded by the lovely Janette Du Charme (Deborah Duchene). Janette is also a vampire, and she has great taste in clothes, particularly black chokers. In the series' third and final season, Lucien LaCroix (Nigel Bennett) took over the running of The Raven. LaCroix made some questionable choices at first using far too much light and hosting garish striptease nights but it's widely suspected that he was possessed by a cable network at that time.

Janette, Nick's longtime friend and ex-lover, tolerated Nick's quest for mortality and, because of her fondness for him, even encouraged him on one or two occasions. Yet she felt that he was simply causing himself unnecessary pain by not accepting his true nature and enjoying his vampiric existence. We share her belief that life (even immortality) is too short to waste with angst and self-pity about things that are out of your control, like the existence of Barney the Purple Dinosaur. The dance floor beckons!

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