MP Recap Special: Visit to Melrose Avenue!

This is a subliminal message; obey Ken in all things.

Melrose Avenue in Hollywood is pretty much what you see in the episode credits each week on "Melrose Place"! Lots of stores, lots of beautiful people. There were quite a few guys on motorcycles going down the street, but unfortunately I did not see anyone wearing jeans with transparent butts!

Regarding the beautiful people, I now realize that I did not see any overweight people in Los Angeles, certainly no one like the Neck Lady! There's only one conclusion I can reach: Every couple of weeks, armed guards raid L.A. homes, round up all the fat people, and shoot them.

I also managed to see perhaps the World's Last Living '80s Punk! This guy in leathers with spiked purple hair sat underneath an table and yelled at passersby, "YOU! Barragal gamma! ARRH! Bahstaaaard!" Well, that's what it sounded like! I thought about taking a photo of him, but he'd probably think I'd stolen his soul and kill me. I'm on vacation, pal!

Here's a typical Melrosian store, featuring a frightening assortment of Jane Mancini fashions! By the gods, Jane knew her audience!

The fashions of Jane Mancini

Next is a photo of a standard Melrose Avenue block, but this certainly doesn't it do it justice. (There really were lots of people here. I swear!) Melrose is a long, long street, which is why they can show so many different storefronts in the credits.

Melrose Avenue

The funny thing is, though, that photo above just doesn't LOOK like Melrose. Know what I mean? It needs something else, it needs ... ah, I know! Let's try this:

The REAL Melrose Avenue

Now that's the Melrose Avenue we're used to seeing! Jump to the next page for the last group of photos!