MP Recap Special: Touch the Melrose!

This is a subliminal message; obey Ken in all things.

By the way, I forgot to mention that I did bump into Andrew Shue down there, and he was quite upset about his treatment in the Recaps:

Andrew Shue spits

Amazing what makeup people can do these days. (OK, OK, I should go easy on the guy once in a while. That was from the "Jurassic Park" ride, by the way.) Anyhow, "Where is Melrose Place, Ken?" Good question! Actually, you'll find many complexes that look just like MP, complete with enclosed courtyard, pool, and wrought iron gate. (My friend Susan lives in such a place near Burbank, and they're surprisingly cheap!) But the Melrose Place is little more than a sidestreet near Melrose Avenue. Still, a street sign is a street sign...

Ken at Melrose Place

Yes, the guy squinting into the sun (and displaying his coolness with his "Avengers" T-shirt) is yours truly! [Sarcasm Mode On] Being at that corner was a true spiritual experience. I was deeply moved!!!! [Sarcasm Mode Off]

Sure, there were other photos, but Odin knows I wouldn't want to see someone's complete travelogue on the Web! I figured this was as much as I should inflict. Thanks for reading and, as always, thanks for supporting the Recaps!

--Ken Hart

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