Current Name Istvan Klima
Street Name The Count
Real Name Balczo Andras
Creator Ken
Archetype Street Samurai
Race Ork Height 1.9 m
SexMale Weight105 kg
EyesBlue HairBlack
Birthdate October 11, 2038
Birthplace Szeged, Hungary
Total Karma 50
Unspent Karma 1
Character Notes
Low Light Vision
6693¥  ¥
 ¥  ¥
(1) Mi: :01/50
Edges & Flaws
Exceptional Attribute (QCK) 2
Lightning Reflexes 2
Dependent(-4)->Sister (Tizane) -4
Nat Aug Alt
Body 8 +1 8(9)
Quickness 7 +1 7(8)
Strength 8 0 8
Charisma 4 0 4
Intelligence 4 0 4
Willpower 4 0 4
Essence 6   1.05
Run Mult. 3    
Magic 0 0 0
BioIndex 0 0 0
Reaction 5 (3) 6(8)
Init. Dice 1 (1) 1(2)
Karma 6 Spell 0
Combat 8 Task 0
Control 0    
Hacking 0 Astral 0
Type Conc Ball Imp
X:Mortimer "Greatcoat" Coat 11 4 2
Cyber:Bone Lace - 0 2
Not worn:    
Secure Vest 15 2 1
Condition Monitor
Stun Physical Overdamage
+1 to TNs L L +1 to TNs      
+2 to TNs M M +2 to TNs      
+3 to TNs S S +3 to TNs
Unconscious D D Dying
Stun overflows into Physical
+ TN# = -REAC#
Active Knowledge & Language
Unarmed Combat-SR3(STR) [6]

SW:Draco Foundation(KNO) [2]

Pistols(QCK) [6]

AC:Architecture(KNO)/Ork [2/4]

Oral Gun(QCK) [5]

SW:Metahumanity(KNO) [3]

Stealth(QCK) [3]

19th Century Poetry (KNO)/Baudelaire [2/4]

Athletics(BOD)/Wrestling [5/7]

Wrestling (KNO) [4]

Etiquette(CHA)/Street [2/4]

English(LAN)/Trog [2/3]

Biotech(INT) [4]

Hungarian (LAN) [3]

Car(REA) [2]


Type Dmg Con Rch Sht (4) Med (5) Lng (6) XtM (9) Mode Ammo Wt.
X:Katar(EDG) (STR+3)L 7 -          0.75
X:Browning Ultra-Power (HPist) Laser Sight 1.5 9M 6   5 20 40 60 SA 10(c) 2.25
+X: Concealable Holster - (+2) -             0.1
+X: [20]Regular Rnds - 8               1
+X: [20]Gel Rnds (see rules) 8               0.5
X:Oral Dart(CYB) DAM               
+X: [5]Dart, Narcoject 6D stun 8               0.05
+X: [5]Dart, Gamma-Scopolamine 10D stun 8               0.05
X:Eichiro Hatamoto II (HPist) Fires as Shotgun 2 8S 6   5 20 40 60 SS 1(m) 2.5
+X: Quick Draw Holster - - -             0.1
+X: [10]Explosive Rnds (see rules) 8               0.75
X:Ceska Black Scorpion (MaPist) Fold-Out Stock (RC 1) 2 6L 6   5 15 30 50 SA/BF/FA 30(c) 2
+X: Laser Sight Top (-1) -             0.25
+X: Sound Suppresser Barrel (-2) -             0.5
+X: Standard Holster - - -             0.1
+X: [35]Regular Rnds - 8               1
Name Slot(1-6) Stress Notes
Bone Lace, Ceramic E:1.50     mm.27|Unarmed = (STR+3)M, +1BOD, +2IMP
Smartlink II E:0.50     mm.31|-2 to TNs for firing a Smartlink-II weapon, +2 Called Shot modifier
Move-by-Wire [1] E:2.50     mm.30|+1QCK, +2RCT, +1INI
Eyes, Cyber Replacement E:0.20     sr3.300|Holds .5 Essence of eye mods free of Essence cost
+ Eyes, Flare Comp E:0.10     sr3.300|Eliminate glare modifiers
+ Eye, Rangefinder E:0.10     mm.31|Shows range to target
+ Eyes, Vis Mag Opt[3] E:0.20     sr3.300|Conceal 9, see pages SR3-110 and SR3-280 for effects
Oral Dart(CYB) E:0.25     mm.17|
Name Occup. Archetype Race/Desc Location/LTG# Lev
Marie Orso Corporate Secretary   Human female, very attractive, late 20's, short black hair, stylish business attire. / 2
Limerick Ork Hyena Shaman   Ork hyena shaman. He's an occasional shadowrunner. He would be more active, but his "calling card" of dirty limericks has made him a target. / 1
Not Carried Gear Wt Carried Gear Wt
Table Top PC (250Mp) @sr3.285 10 X:Shotgun Microphone Lv [5] @sr3.292 1
ID Scanner: Retinal Lv [4] @sr3.294 - X:Micro-Recorder [5] @sr3.292 -
Magntc Anom Det, Doorway [2] @sr3.294 - X:Voice Identifier Lv [4] @sr3.292 5
    X:Medkit @sr3.304 3
    X:Basic Pocket Secretary @sr3.287 0.5
    X:Earplug Cell Phone @sr3.285 -
    X:Pager @sr3.285 -
    X:Cyberware ToolKit @sr3.288 5
  Total Weight 28.15
Balczo Andras was born in Szeged, Hungary. He was the middle child of three, born to ork parents. A street gang killed his older brother, Walter, five years ago. Balczo, who had been training for the Hungarian team in the Olympics, was devastated. With his family facing poverty and prejudice, Balczo turned to mercenary work as a quick but dangerous way to make enough money to bring his family out of Eastern Europe and toward a (hopefully) better life in Seattle. After four years of traveling with shadowrunners, he had made enough money to buy some life-saving cyberware and arrange for travel to North America. His parents stubbornly refused to move, choosing to stay in their homeland. However, they did urge him to take his younger sister, Tizane. She deserved a better life. Balczo has changed his name a couple of times as a runner, but he currently goes by the street name of Istvan.

Istvan is just over 6 feet tall and very muscular a leftover from his years of amateur wrestling. His black hair is slicked back between his ears, and one large tusk protrudes from his lower lip on the left side. He shows extremely good taste in clothing, always wearing top-of-the-line jackets and shirts. A ruby earring hangs from his right ear. He speaks with a very thick Hungarian accent, which once earned him the nickname "The Count," based on a 20th-century horror vid actor.

Most of Istvan's knowledge has come from his recent years in the shadows, although no ork survived for long in Szeged without learning how to defend himself. He excelled in wrestling in his school, and he seemed a sure bet to make his country's Olympic team. He also loved to read the works of Poe, Baudelaire, and Byron. When he left home after his brother's death, he fell in with a group of shadowrunners, where his physical strength and toughness came in handy. On several occasions over the years, he had cyberware implanted to make him even tougher and faster. When he finally returned home, however, his family was stunned by the emotional and physical changes in him. Although he was still a lover of poetry, he was no longer the innocent boy they loved.
Now that he's in Seattle, he has bought a condo in Everett for himself and his sister, and using nearly all of his remaining funds he's equipped the door with expensive security sensors as protection for Tizane. He relies on help from his friend Marie at the Draco Foundation, and he still keeps in touch with Limerick, a hyena shaman who helped introduce him to the Seattle shadow. He doesn't have many enemies, although he always tries to keep tabs on Humanis policlubs in the area, as well as on the activities of Saeder-Krupp, which gave his old team some trouble a couple of years ago.

Besides poetry, Istvan also loves good cognac (a bad habit from his days as a successful runner). He recognizes that he has a slight prejudice against elves, based on bad encounters in Europe, but he tries not to let it show in his professional work. He disdains "professional" wrestling, which he calls a mockery of the true sport.
Istvan will avoid unnecessary killing on a run, since that draws the wrong sort of attention. The darts from his oral gun have been very useful in surprising and knocking out a target. However, when killing is necessary, he doesn't hesitate. He avoids wetwork, preferring instead snatch-n-grab operations or sabotage. He has worked for megacorps many times (well, at least he thinks it was for megacorps) and will do so again, but he's leery of Saeder-Krupp because his European team had a difficult run against SK two years ago.
He will help out those in need when he can. He knows from experience that life can be difficult. In that regard, he occasionally tries to present himself as a dashing hero, complete with flashy clothes, a thick accent, and a nasty habit of jumping into danger. He has become a bit of a "ladies' ork," although he continues to have a crush on Marie Orso.

Right now, Istvan wants to continue making a lot of nuyen. After a few more successful runs, he might be able to buy some real estate and convince the rest of his family to move out of Hungary. Being a shadowrunner is not an ideal way of life, but he enjoys it greatly, and if he can create a better life for his sister and people like her, so much the better.
Honda-GM 3220