This Site's Legal Status

Read Spelling's cease-and-desist order if you haven't done so already. Even though I've heard nothing lately from Spelling, I consider the threat to the Recaps to be far from over. I won't relax until the company apologizes, the series ends, or I get tired of recapping bad stories.

10/20/97: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution covers the battle! You can't look at the archives without paying a subscription fee, but I have the text of the article here.
10/7/97: TIME does a feature about the conflict! If the link doesn't work, go to TIME's search box, and type in "ken hart."
9/26/97: Total TV Online looks at the Spelling attack as part of its "Web Wars" feature. However, the supplementary feature with an update on Spelling's and Fox's activities is no longer on the site. Coincidentally, Total TV's parent company was recently bought by News Corp., owned by Rupert Murdoch, who also happens to own TV Guide and the Fox Network. Draw your own conclusions.
8/28/97: Our plight is covered on The Netly News' Afternoon Line. (The link to the article has since expired, unfortunately.)

--Ken Hart

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