The Old Billy vs. The New Billy: An Overview


Special thanks to Jim Foley for coming up with this great comparison!

Old BillyNew Billy
Took off with Alison's friend, the cook.Took off with Alison's speech -- the crook!
Amanda is always on his back. Amanda is always on her back.
Sets up Alison on blind date. Sets up Alison out of blinding hate.
Shocked by Brooke's gropes. Shocked by Brooke's ghost.
Cabbie: lost.Advertising: Boss.
Alison thinks he is a friend.Alison thinks he is a fiend.
Mad at Alison? She's drinking some vodka!Mad at Alison? Midnight Sun Vodka!
Lion in bed.Lying in bed.
Breaking hearts.Breaking and entering.
Plants kisses.Plants evidence.
Stolen moments with Alison.Stolen clients from Alison.
No ethnic.No ethics.

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